March Madness Welcomes the University of the Pacific Tigers to the 2013 Tourney

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March 18, 2013  

Congrats to the close to home Tigers of the Pacific, our home town heroes, who will be making their first trip to the NCAA March Madness tournament since 2006. They are hitting their stride with 7 straight wins to finish the regular season as they enter the field of 64. I want to congratulate personally Bob Thomason's team that are honoring what is likely the coach's final season at Pacific. As a 2000-2003 team assistant, I saw Thomason's discipline, respect, and leadership first-hand, and I celebrate the chance for the Tigers to once again represent Stockton, California in the nationally televised mega tournament. This is Thomason's 25th season with Pacific.

This team has had some big wins this year, most notably Long Beach State and Xavier, but also struggled at times amidst the Big West competition. Pacific is a hot shooting team from distance, and will need it to overcome their all-time tournament record, 4-9. Good luck UOP!

I will be looking on with great interest as the orange and black take the court this year in March Madness.

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