Many Lives

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August 4, 2018  

“Many Lives” words and music by Danny Hauger


I’ve got something, that I want to tell you baby.

It’s not easy for me to say.

I’ve been thinking about the plans I made and where I want to go.

And you want me to stay?


There’s only one time in this life, so you may as well live many lives.


One time - should I get it right?

I’d prefer to talk, I’d prefer not to fight.

One time - do I fit in right?

Is my clothing game enough to make it tight?

One time - Am I looking right?

Am I fit enough to take on Saturday night?

Cause I’m rising up, I’m rising up to live many lives.


Check yourself, where are you at? Where are you gonna’ go?

Where do you think you’re from, what do you think you know?

Trust me you’ve got a lot to learn, you’ve got a lot to learn.

It’s a long life until you realize its over,

And all your regrets are your friends that come over.

But I’m rising up, I’m rising up to live many lives.

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