Make Myself Clear

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March 18, 2016  

There have been countless times in my life where the words I want to say and the words that were spoken diverge on very different paths. Hindsight gives us clarity, and this song only described itself about 75% as well as I would like, which I would imagine is a feeling we can all resonate with. A brand new demo on this 18th of March in 2016. A perfect way to start a weekend is with a creative session, isn't it? Check out this new demo called "Make Myself Clear" from Danny Hauger music studios. I am very proud of it and the several hours of creation that have just taken place. I started off in a drop G tuning, and this is the first time ever in my studios that this tuning scheme resulted in a lyrical song. Its almost always instrumental time when I explore this tuning.

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"Make Myself Clear" covers the difficulty of self-expression with the purity of wanting to make a clear and understandable statement when the stakes are high. Take  a listen, and share with a friend, its free!

Danny Hauger “Make Myself Clear” Lyrics 3/18/2016


I’m writing down the words this time,

So I can make myself clear.

To try to express myself with confidence and character.

I want to come across real.


All I’m saying, is to give me a chance

To make myself clear.

All I’m asking, is to give me a say.

To bring yourself near.


So many times, I thought that my thoughts were organized,

But my mouth could not be clear.

When I had the time, I did not possess the timing.

When I spoke, you couldn’t hear.


All I’m saying, is to give me a chance to speak.

And have the chance to be clear.


With all this noise, it becomes difficult.

For you and me to just be here. Just be here!


I hope the words will come out right this time.

I hope that I will be fine.


All I’m saying, is to give me a hope.

A chance that I could be clear.

With all this noise, its difficult.

For you and I to be here.

To be here!

(Lyrics by Danny Hauger, Copyright 2016)

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