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Low Tide Demo Featuring Custom Danny Hauger Guitar

August 12, 2019

free song for the week of 8/12/2019. "Low Tide"
Sun, moon, earth pull me in and let me out.
Sky, wind, mounting fire,
Burn the mind out.

I’m the effervescent in the bubble that rises up.
I’m untethered by the string theory you thought up.

Closed my mind to rolling tide.
I stand in place, I’m locked in stride,
The slack in bend, My knees dig in,
I’m holding here, my will is my design.

Talk to me like you mean it. (the tide goes out)
Put away your thoughts and feelings, (the tide comes in out)
Measuring the size of your waves (the moon goes up)
Sending space and time the meaning of each new day(the moon sets down)

And now the time comes for the time to go,
And all the things we think we thought we used to know,
And everything we tried so to learn and tried to keep,
Will become a part of the ocean deep.

Recorded with a custom Danny Hauger Double Cutaway Guitar (use promo code HAUGERMUSIC at for $10 off a kit)

and also featuring a Godin Summit Classic Goldtop Guitar.

Music in this channel is written, recorded, and produced by Danny Hauger. Support my free music by downloading Danny Hauger music on iTunes (, Amazon (, or streaming me on Spotify (!

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