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January 6, 2016  

Happy 2016 everyone! The last two months have been incredibly productive for my songwriting! I'm happy to share my demos, downloads, and singles for free right here on Danny Hauger podcasts! Help support the cause by subscribing, sharing, and telling a friend to come get some free music! I hope you enjoy listening to "Lost 'Til I Found You"!

Today's new song is fresh from the studio! "Lost 'Til I found You". This song started with an acoustic riff, with a 4th fret capo, and an almost Jim Croce-like chord and strum pattern. It also reminds me a bit of Green Day's "Last Night on Earth" with a bit of "In My Life" by the Beatles. Of course its a bit rough still, but I love where its going.

Lyrics - Copyright Danny Hauger 2015 - "Lost 'Til I Found You"Aiming high and trembling
Missing marks, and grasping straws
Only half the story, missing half the plot
And humbly knowing what I'm worth
My compass lacked direction,
My strings were out of tune
I was lost til I found you.

Certainly uncertain
Processed but unrefined
And wanting to know more about you

Stirring up emotions
I once had locked away
Possessed around your neck the key

I hoped that you could teach me,
I was willing to learn.
I wanted to find what's true.

I was lost til I found you.
I was lost til I found you.
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