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January 21, 2011  

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Enjoy this "Losing Sleep" Demo Featuring David Bingley on Melodica, another free download from Danny Hauger music and www.dannyhauger.com . Its still a little rough around the edges, but sharing demos is something I can't avoid sometimes. I'm grateful for Melodica player David Bingley for contributing his work to this demo. A great reflective tune. Enjoy!

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Ileen Zovluck left a comment on my Factoid: A Biography of Television Icon Caroll O' Connor

Good job. Personally, I found your article a little tough to read without feeling affected through it. I grew up in the era of this show, and look back at it very differently at my current age. 40 years ago, this "style" of racism/bigotry/hatred in middle America was, of course real; but reality, like the show, kept most bigots happily locked away in their own living rooms, screaming at their families and neighbors, and living otherwise quiet, ordinary lives in the social fabric of America. Since the end of the show, the expression of hatred has completely changed. Rather than the confinement of the thousands of Americans O'Connor typified, an awfully high percentage of the American public began to spread the social expression of hatred and put a smiley face on it. Technology improved the structure of communications, freedom of speech wasn't something to ralleye for any longer, and a million Archie Bunkers slowly but surely went "public." The internet made it roll even faster. But those of us over 40 look at this as an embarrassment today, wondering why individual bigots right through organized hate clubs can't keep it in their own living rooms like the "good old days." Voted and appreciated.

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