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November 27, 2011  

Happy Holiday weekend music fans!Hope yours is great, relaxing, and fulfilling.  Here's a free download of my song Losing Sleep for you, enjoy! Plus a bonus free track, "Again" from the new album, Again by Danny Hauger by Danny HaugerMusic

Losing Sleep by Danny Hauger feat. David Bingley by Danny HaugerMusic Enjoy The Thanksgiver animatic by Jessica Avila, written by Danny Hauger and Grant Mueller.  Happy Thanksgiving! Performed on Cozy Corner, from Titan Radio, on the campus of Cal State Fullerton in 2008.

After that, time to check out the brand new album, "Chasing the Golden Age"! Its here! The newest album from Danny Hauger Music comes to you! Special offer: make any donation to my here and get the album free! I'll send a zip file with all the tracks for any donation!

Danny Hauger
Staff Writer

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