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April 28, 2012  

I love this track, it is one of the songs in my library I am most proud of, the concept and memory of leaving in the middle of the night in the Bay Area of California to take a long walk, alone, thinking about your state in life with a cool breeze blowing in from the bay. Take a free listen to "Losing Sleep", if you like it, visit my website for more at www.mediadanny.com thanks for listening!

"Last night took a long walk,

Overwhelming my mind.

Struggling to find faces,

That would rather not see mine.

I've been wandering waiting,

But I've been going nowhere,

Why is it I have something, that no one else will share?

You kept me awake, every night,

I've been losing sleep, every night.

And in my dreams I know, I can't fight."

Lyric excerpts from Losing Sleep

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