Losing Sleep by Danny Hauger

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November 17, 2015  

So many times when I have put together set lists I have wondered where to place "Losing Sleep". The question is never "if". From San Francisco, to Los Angeles, and back again, "Losing Sleep" has been a staple to every live performance for the last five years. It is a song that defines my songwriting style. It was a song that when completed, finally blended the modern rock and alternative genres that I had tried for so long to combine without being forced. I credit the influence of the time to John Fogerty, Jim Croce, and Jimmy Eat World. 

The mixture of seventh and major chords, the overarching vocal tone, and the story are all things I am proud of. Songs like this have not written themselves often in my mind, but when they do, I cherish them. I hope you will enjoy this free song download from Danny Hauger studios, on our trek for 100,000 free downloads! Subscribe now!
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Our thoughts and prayers to our friends in Paris. I played at Belushi's in Paris in 2013 and its one of my life's highlights. Thank you for listening and visiting often, subscribe and come back often!

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