Long Lake Core Instrumental for Dave Streudalinsky Drone Video Free Song 11 of 2019

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March 18, 2019  

Dave Streudalinsky called me today and asked for a new song for a video he is making of drone footage in Canada. I am a big fan of Dave's work and Youtube Channel, so I set right to work creating some new music for him. I used my Seagull Maple Performer Series CW to improvise some chords while I watched the footage, and the lead wrote itself basically. AAuE7mC-ACaI_1hp88KSzCgE7TBcCUd4vt16ku9p


It was a pleasure to sit down with a simple musical objective: watch some beautiful footage, and write some music that fits. What a joy. Thanks Dave. Enjoy this free acoustic instrumental everyone!

Swan Dive

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