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March 10, 2019  

Limited Minutes


I'm eager to find a time to talk this out.

I'll listen to everything, you don't have to shout

There's a reason you feel the need to raise your voice

You’re worried the things I say might make your choice.


Time stretches canvas thin, the painters rush,

You've got Limited minutes, to paint your brush.


And I feel like the only one around

That understands you.

I could a steal a moment from the past to change


I would undo the rain, and disband the clouds

I would colonize earth, and abandon Mars.

(Thank you podbean for donating the bandwidth for my free music for the world project!) 





Time stretches matrices, and I can't bend.

You've got limited minutes, that you can't lend.

Time cares for eminence. Havent you read?

Before you listen up, you've already said.


Time stretches clay and doubt, the past will reign.

You've got limited minutes, to use your brain.

Swan Dive

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