Lightning first studio demo mix free download on a Seagull M4

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July 12, 2018  

“Lightning” (first demo mix) Words and Music by Danny Hauger (written on a Seagull M4)


Sun down, old town

Meet me at the playground

Our memories go down the slide


Something on my mind, did you come to find,

Someone to gut check your pride?


I’m so tired.


Down over the reeds, Come walking with me,

I’ll show you, lightning.


Outside in the light,

Vanished all the night.

For one-5th of a second I’m bright

And I tell you that you were right.


Re-stock for the fight

Insults that suffice

To cut off conversation for tonight.


But then in the glow,

Reconsider those

Words biased and whose lying, I don’t know.


I’m so tired. (x4)


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