Key to Your Heart Unplugged Demo with Cajon

I took the cajon out for a recording walk today. I know that doesn't make sense. That's ok its the day after Christmas. I know that also doesn't make sense. Can we move on already? Today  recorded a brand new, unplugged, rough demo that I'm sahring on the podcast. its an acoustic ballad featuring the new cajon for rhythm. I hope you enjoy it. Its a bit rudamentary, but it has a simple and catchy heart to it. Enjoy "Key to Your Heart" - I hope to produce it more fully very soon!

“Key to Your Heart” by Danny Hauger In D

I’d like to watch you fall

So i can pick you up again.

I see you close to perfect

And Im still practicing to be average

I watch you each day

I never know quite what to say

To spark your interest in me

Its like a lock and I dont have

The key to your heart

The key to your heart

I’d make the perfect craft,

I’d make it your favorite color

I’d put it on your shelf

You’d love it like no other.

Why am I locked out

Of the only place I want to be?

Is the world so messed up

That you can’t see me!

The key to your heart

The key to your heart

Where will I go to find

The password or phrase to find

Is there no answer to

The knocking at your door

Is there no route across the ocean

Where I can wash up on your shore?

With the key to your heart

The key to your heart.




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