Kepma Elite D2 140 Koa Guitar Demo “Slow Dance” Demo

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April 14, 2019  

I bought the Kepma Elite D2-140 Koa guitar myself, watch my video review. I was not paid for this review. The review and the thoughts of this video are my own. I love trying out new guitars, and I had experimented with a variety of body styles in previous videos, from cutaways, to mini jumbo guitar bodies. I missed the full-sound of a dreadnought, and never had the opportunity to own a guitar with koa back and sides before. Koa is known for having a little more low end, and dark sound, than mahogany or rosewood. I found the sound to be very balanced in this guitar.

When I read that Kepma Guitars tunes the body of their guitar, similar to guitars I have seen built in Santa Cruz, California, I wanted to find out more about the company. This guitar represented a chance to experiment with a new wood, and also have the consistency of North American Sitka Spruce, aged to 150 years, for durability and projection of sound. I also read about Kepma and the AcoustiFex System to apply effects like reverb, chorus, and delay, when the guitar is either plugged in, or unplugged. This was something I really wanted to evaluate for myself.

I also like to have aesthetics that are pleasing, and worthy of being featured in my free weekly song reviews. The New Zealand shell handcraft inlay was stunning to me, and the fretboard’s Mother of Pearl white rose shell inlay was a double-play that put my purchase interest over the top. I hope you enjoy the unboxing and the demo of the Kepma Guitars Elite D-140 Koa.

I test out the audio with a variety of different AcoustiFex settings, ranging from reverb and chorus, to hall reverb and delay, to give you an idea of what the guitar sounds like unplugged. Then I plug in, and record an acoustic version of “Slow Dance”, one of my favorite original songs, with only the effects built in on the guitar, and for the first minute and a half there are no effects at all. No volume or effect processing was managed in my DAW recording software. This is to give you an example of the raw input when plugged in. I was surprised how well the lead guitar track cut through the mix, that was unusually well done by this guitar.

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