Kendry Morales Injured Celebrating Grand Slam

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May 29, 2010  

May 29th, Saturday, from Angel's Stadium

Morales hurt after game-ending slam, carted off

After celebrating a walk off grand slam to beat the Mariners 5-1, Kendry morales dove into his team mates waiting at home plate and suffered a broken leg on Saturday afternoon at Angel Stadium, and is scheduled to undergo leg surgery on Sunday.


"It'll change the way we celebrate," Angels manager Mike Scioscia said. "It sure was exciting, but you always wonder if it's an accident waiting to happen. This is definitely unfortunate. We've just got to wait and see what we're dealing with. We'll know more information as the night moves on."


"It's definitely not the mood we would expect in the clubhouse after a win, but when something like that happens, it's definitely disturbing," he said. "These guys all feel bad about what happened, but you've got to pick up the pieces and get ready to play tomorrow. It's a lesson for all of us."


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