June 17th Visit to the Montalvo Arts Center to See Soul Aslyum

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May 26, 2011  

Few bands have developed as recognizable sound and composition in the alternative rock scene as Soul Asylum. Enjoy the only current California tour date on the 2011 calendar at the Montalvo Arts Center in Saratoga, California. I am greatly looking forward to the opportunity to see one of the groups that inspired my musical career and helped me find my own sound.My enjoyment of Souls Asylum spans to the introduction of the genre with classics like "Can't Even tell" to more recent songs like "Just Like Anyone". My favorite epic tune from the group is "Misery", which was the featured as one of two of the band's songs to end the "Clerks" movies by cult classic producer Kevin Smith.  Their albums "Grave Dancers Union" and "The Silver Lining" stand as two of my favorite rock albums.

Soul Asylum is currently in a nation wide tour celebrating their entire collection and performing for sold out clubs and venues reminding all of us why bands like Soul Asylum, the Gin Blossoms, and Guster love to tour and perform for their fans.

Saratoga native rockers Dada will also be on hand for a memorable night of rock in the Bay Area.  Join me in attendance to catch all of the great hits and new tunes from these two great bands on Friday, June 17th.   http://www.montalvoarts.org/events/soul_asylum/

The Montalvo Arts Center is a beautiful place to enjoy a night of entertainment.  I look forward to reviewing the venue and wish to thank the team at Montalvo Arts Center for inviting me to enjoy a special night of music.

Stay tuned in June for an audio podcast recap of my trip, and get your tickets for the Soul Asylum show now by visiting the box office or calling today!

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