Jerry Seinfeld on Larry King Live Interview

A rare moment of one on one interviewing where the show host gets torn up about his own program.  Two somewhat insecure individuals with prolific careers attempting to gently cut down the other.

Transcription of my favorite exchange highlighting Seinfeld's desire to be #1, King's humor, and a rare glimpse of greatness in national media:

SEINFELD: Yes, no, I went off the air, I was the number one show in television, Larry.

KING: You were off...

SEINFELD: Do you know who I am?


KING: A Jewish guy, Brooklyn.



SEINFELD: Seventy five million viewers...


SEINFELD: ...the last episode.

KING: Boy, you...

SEINFELD: Was I canned?

KING: Don't take it so bad.

SEINFELD: Well, there's a big difference between being canceled and being number one.

KING: OK, I'm sorry.


KING: We'll be right back.


KING: "Bee Movie" opens...


KING: "Bee Movie" opens...

SEINFELD: Can we get a resume in here for me...

KING: "Bee Movie" opens tomorrow.

SEINFELD: ...that Larry could go over?

KING: Hey.

We'll be right back.

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