Jackson Valley by Danny Hauger

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October 24, 2015  

To raise money for charity last year I donated all of the proceeds from this acoustic instrumental to Charity: Water. They do wonderful things to provide potable drinking water for needy people around the world that is sustainable and life giving. When a friend at the clean water project non-profit reached out to me last year, they asked what song would be fitting for the fund raising event. I decided it should be a clean song, something unfiltered, and unplugged. I looked through my discography for a song to speak to me, and "Jackson Valley" was the perfect song to fit.

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This instrumental reminds me of high school days driving with friends through Northern California, simply discussing and exploring concepts of the world, and trying to find our paths. People around the world are trying to do the same things, and find the sustainable resources to allow their safety and resources reinforced. I hope you enjoy this song and will share it with a friend! Thanks for supporting my music and Charity: Water.

If I Grow Up, Danny Hauger

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