Interview With Retired Police Veteran Johnny Law of Southern California

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January 29, 2011  

Former Marine and Police Officer of Southern California for more than two decades stops by for a radio interview to answer your questions.

Have a question for a police officer? A 28 year veteran to the Orange County area as a police officer, and six year marine from age 17 in the Bronx, New York, takes time to talk to Danny live on Titan Radio. He answers questions and relays advice and insight on:

-Johnny Law's new Sunday night radio show at 7 PM on AM 830

What is the most pressing legal issue that college students should be aware of? Thoughts about the recent Lakers victory, and the incidents of crowds and shenanigans following the final championship victory. Protocol for communicating with an officer

Johnny's time in the Marine Corp Worldview

What, if any, misunderstandings about police officer’s do you think there are from the general public? What’s the most rewarding of your job? What’s the most challenging part of your work? Is there a compelling human interest story you can share with us? Taking the good and the bad, what’s your opinion on humanity and human nature as a whole? Thoughts on the state of the nation What would you tell yourself at age 21?

Thank you Johnny for joining me for the conversation, of which brought great insight into the life of a police officer, and the importance of all of our civil servants and community partners.

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