Interview with Michelle Ferre from Pocketful of Primary - New Channel Inspiring Teachers

We are launching a brand new channel - Inspiring Teachers! We are providing weekly interviews and teaching tips on YouTube and Podbean, and invite you to join and listen to some amazing educators from around the country! In our new show, Tavis Beem and Danny Hauger discuss the “why” of teaching. Through interviews, empowering stories, current events, and teachable moments, Beem and Hauger bring inspiring stories from the classroom to the show.

In this special preview, you will hear our Inspiring Teachers Show interview with Michelle Ferre from Pocketful of Primary (Support her on YouTube and TeachersPayTeachers). We discuss how teachers can inspire students to be themselves, and make an impact on the world. You can now subscribe to Inspiring Teachers on iTunes.

Subscribers here have access to watch this episode early on our new Inspiring Teachers YouTube Channel.

Danny Hauger Free Music Podcasts will continue to produce awesome indie songs, every week! Plus, the new album, Two Sides, is coming to digital music stores everywhere January 2nd, 2019!

Thanks for listening, liking, subscribing, and sharing our new Channel, and to Danny Hauger Music!

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