Interview with Doris Burke about Broadcasting and Motivation for Life

Doris Burke has long been someone I admired not just for her broadcasting gifts and abilities, but her tenacity and drive for success. I find myself similar in many ways, the serious way of approaching work and career and driving to be the best that we can, while still valuing a sense of gratitude and authenticity. I was so appreciative that Doris carved out a few minutes to talk to my students and I am thrilled to bring you this interview. Doris is best known for her work as an NBA analyst for ESPN and has had a storied career in sports broadcasting.

I hope you enjoy this podcast and subscribe for more content here on Danny Hauger Podcasts. We talk about the beginning of her career in broadcasting, her favorite NBA athlete to work with, advancing through broadcasting opportunities in New York, her role in the creation of voice overs for the NBA 2k18 video game, and her advice for young people and those seeking to be successful in broadcasting an in taking opportunities as they come in life. My students will love this motivation and I hope you will enjoy listening to it as well.


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