Inside Lane Kramer! Tiltcast e.10

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February 23, 2010  

Sven  Kramer - Inside Lane!

One of the most embarrassing and utterly disappointing moments of all time in sports.  The World Record holder going for double gold is coming around a turn when his coach yelled at him to take the inside lane - BUZZZER - Wrong!  Sven was in the correct lane and was disqualified at the end of his run and will not receive his second gold in the Vancouver 2010 Olympic games.  The mistake was made on the 17th lap out of 25, four seconds ahead of the man in second, to no avail, congrats Lee, you stayed in the right line and were pretty fast.

Newsline from Vancouver says that Coach Gerard Kemkers of the Netherlands is no longer in the running for Coach of the Year.  Maybe next...well, there probably won't be a...

Sven "Inside?  No, not you, the rink, its inside here...nice right?  Sven? Where are you going?

___ Point of TILT Clarification, the difference between luge, skeleton, and bobsled:

Bobsled - mostly enclosed sled with two or four people, running start, one steers, one brakes Luge - feet first, push start, solo or pairs Skeleton - head first., running start, solo. Same track is used for luge, skeleton and bobsled