I Should Grow

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September 5, 2016  

This is the first new recording from the brand new Danny Hauger Studios. Relocation is complete, and everything is now in order for more features and functions than ever. To top it off, I have crafted a new alt/rock song to rival any that I have recorded in the past. Its got a lot of heart, a good melody, and a contrast of beat and bridge that build nicely for an enjoyable tune. I hope you will have as good of a time listening to it and sharing it with a friend as I did recording it today. Happy labor Day 2016! I thoroughly enjoyed writing and recording this song. Thanks for always checking in, listeners around the world - I appreciate you! This song is about growth, seizing the moment, and bringing friends wherever you go.


Danny Hauger - “I Should Grow”

We’ve got this whole day off

We’ve got this whole day free

To make our own, to make a leap

Bring all your friends, and I’ll bring mine.

And keep away your negative divides

What’s on your mind?

What’s on your plate?

Do you bite?

Do you chew on your fate?

Do you know, which way I should go?

Either way, I should grow.

Sometimes, I feel so unrefined. ac

We’ve still got half the day,

We’ve got still our lives

To make our way to a brighter day.

So bring out all your best,

And pull out all the stops

This is the moment you’ve been waiting for, this is it, now!

Do you know, which way I should go?

Either way, I should grow.

Help me keep this podcast free for the world!

Together Now, Danny Hauger


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