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I love you Beth Cooper movie review

July 9, 2009

7.9 out of 10.

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If you're ready for a break from the world of Seth Rogen, Michael Cera, and Paul Rudd, and you're willing to suspend your disbelief of road and driving physics, then you're ready for I Love You Beth Cooper.

If you have searched elsewhere, you probably found mixed reviews. I am going to take an alternate road here and suggest that there is an endearing quality to to this film, that makes a few short falls in direction able to be overtaken to a positive feeling when leaving the theater.

First off, I loved the performances of these not so well known acting team, aside from Hayden Penatierre, who was a suitable lead considering what was called for.

The movie based on a novel, by one of the Simpsons' writer Larry Doyle, who also wrote the screenplay for the film. It's a common theme, a high school girl who is untouchable, and the hopeless drone that aspires for her attention, and makes his feelings public during his graduation speech. From there a slough of unbelievable events leads chases and fight scenes that elevate from the unlikely to the unrealistic, but still I found myself interested in the underlying plot. Perhaps it is my age, at 22, that lets me relate to the not so long ago feelings for friends and fondness for the people and places around me. Or perhaps that there really are some quality laughs that are a refreshing break from the Hollywood repetition that has become all too common in this age of movies.

I suggest going to see this movie, because it is different and not the cookie cutter story that comes out every summer. It's a fun movie that captures some honest moments of what it means to be young, if you can ignore an annoyingly persistent foil character, and the odd absence of adults once the movie hits the half-way point.

I Love You Beth Cooper gets a 7.9 out of 10 score.

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