I Dont Want To Go Final Demo Track for All At Once Album
December 15, 2019

I Dont Want To Go Final Demo Track for All At Once Album

While I am still in the final mixing and tracking process for a few select tracks for January's "All At Once" album, I did find a couple of hours to spend on a  new track, and I am definitively calling it the last track on the album, capping off my best year of songwriting yet. Thanks to all the people who have shared, downloaded, and enjoyed Danny Hauger music this year! Thanks to Zager Guitars and Podbean for showing support for the free music project that I pioneer here, and here is the final demo, looking forward to the final mastering process in the next 3 weeks!


“I Dont Want to Go” Lyrics by Danny Hauger


Why does a gust of wind change the surf to none?

Where could a sunken soul turn when tides have run? 


Track me down, 

I’m not too far gone. 


Don't get depressed in the darkness

I'll be here in the dawn. 


I don’t want to go. 


Willows wept and some have fallen down

But every sight we see is shared.

You pushed farther than I ever thought I’d go. 

I’m evolved from the lower tier. 


I don’t want to go. 


In time I think I’ll find a little piece of myself Fine.

I can rise above this difficult time. 

In short I realize that everything that I have done

Is imperfect and thats ok. 


I don’t want to go.



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