Hot Potatoes TILTcast 27

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April 12, 2010  

TILTcast 27 - Hot potatoes

This I learned today - do not use your finger for a food thermometer.  It hurts.Hot potatoes - set to launch later this week, be sure to be there!

News -

Tuesday a 6.9 earthquake devastated remote West China killing over 580 people, according to Anita Chang of the Associated Press. This quake has reportedly injured thousands of others and left many without a refuge for sleep tonight. Residents spend hours shoveling to try and rescue those trapped underneath rubble and debris. A series of strong aftershocks kept rattling the area and have taken down many homes and buildings according to CNN News after the large quake struck just before 8:00 am local time. Recovery will be difficult with the massive amounts of damage and continued reoccurrence of aftershocks.

The strong 7.2 Mexicali earthquake on April 5th of last week which is still bringing up aftershocks according to the Los Angeles Times. The 7.2 Mexicali quake is still causing aftershocks in the area.

The recent earthquakes in Haiti, Chile, China, and Mexicali seem to be causing a lot of damage in a short period of time. Cities in Oregon and other places are taking extra precautions to prepare their towns, according to the New York Times. These coincidences seem to be taking the attention of many people around the world wondering what city could be the next epicenter of a large earthquake.

As a one time resident of California's Bay Area and currently residing near the San Andreas Fault, I am no stranger to earthquake awareness and the rolling feeling of moving walls and falling pictures. It is one of the trade offs in living in beautiful California. I think taking a few safety precautions now are a good idea but see no reason to panic.


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