Holding You Song a Week Challenge 2 of 52

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January 8, 2017  

Two weeks in a row checked off for the 2017 song a week challenge. (#SongaWeek) This week I am really liking the multiple part harmony, panned left and right, with a slight EQ and some surf rock guitar effects to bring an upbeat feel to a laid back groove about trying to find the right way to communicate effectively in a relationship. The song came together in just under two hours. I really like the flow of the lyrics and the progression of the guitars, and how they are slight without being overbearing. There are some nice hidden guitar fills if you take a dedicated ear towards them, and the lyrics have a fun play on the way we travel and how our minds tend to wander when our phones come into our hands. Don't forget the people in the room out there!!


Holding You Lyrics by Danny Hauger

Figuring out who I am,

And figuring you are

I feel like a rocket sent me out

Propelling every orbit, and trying to find your star.

And I’m a mile away, but two thousand years too soon.

You watch me spin into space,

As you now come into view.

You said “I told you not to come looking for me,

I Came out here alone”.

I knew just right where to find you

Sitting in space and texting on your phone.

Why are you so disconnected?

I had to travel the length of our solar system

Just to get some perspective.

I’m the one who’s holding you

I’m the one who’s here.

I’m not the one who’s sculpting you

And teaching you to fear.

And you’re the one who’s standing by,

You’re the one to wait

And I’m the one who’s telling you

To take into your own hands, your own fate.

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