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“Here With Me” first Demo Featuring Enya Nova Carbon Fiber Ukulele Unboxing, Review

November 10, 2019
The Enya Nova Concert Ukulele is a brilliant addition to your instrument line-up. It is acoustic-electric, carbon fiber, lightweight, and packs a punch of vibrant sound. Take a listen to a brand new song demo, and enjoy a review at the end of the song. Enya donated this ukulele for my review. The finished version of this song will be on the 2020 album, "All At Once" available early January 2020!
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After the song I unbox and review the Enya ( Nova Carbon Fiber Ukulele, but I lead off with a brand new first mix of the song, "Here With Me" Affiliate link - benefits this channel - “Here With Me (Carbon Fiber)” Words and Music by Danny Hauger Key of C 104 BPM Resin, carbon fiber. Solitary constructions. In this factory I build a life worth living. In retrograde you destroy all I’ve built. When you see the life I’m living, You know that I don’t measure up to your standards. Carry me, I’ll sing you a song. From hardened chords and melody, I offer you all I’ve got to give. Re-map the schematics. Measure twice, and cut me from my mold. Replace me, with 3-d printed structures. That fit the type you always wanted to have and hold. Tools are deceptive, Just when you think you’ve got a handle, You drive the hammer right onto your thumb. You limber up, and bend before you breakdown, You need a hand that lifts you from the toil, and sets you free. Now you’re here with me, Everything that I imagined. Now you’re here with me, And everything is finally happening for me. Music in this channel is written, recorded, and produced by Danny Hauger. Support my free music by downloading Danny Hauger music on iTunes (, Amazon (, or streaming me on Spotify (! Support my free music with a Paypal Donation! Help support my independent music and free weekly podcast downloads by sharing it with your friends. Your comments, likes, and shares help me keep this dream alive. I find my music is enjoyable for background, work, homework, and meditation too. I hope this adds enjoyment to your life and music collection! You can support me by: *Buying Danny Hauger music on iTunes and Amazon *Streaming Danny Hauger on Spotify *Subscribing Danny Hauger Podcasts on iTunes or download weekly free songs from Danny Hauger: *Share or buy my Teachers Pay Teachers resources: *Download my educational shows from the Hauger History Podcast at *Support this free podcast and get in touch at *Twitter: @DannyHauger and @DHXmusic *Subscribe to this YouTube Channel!

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