“Guidance” by Danny Hauger - Copyright 2016

If I ever needed guidance,

I couldn’t get it from you.
I’d have to separate wisdom from the truth.

You know I only needed vision, But I saw right through you.

You know I only wanted guidance, but I couldn’t get it from you.

I think that you’d help me, if you thought you could

You’d draw out a map for me so I could go someplace good

Somewhere i could find shelter, and feel safe and secure

I needed your guidance, but you closed the door.

If you had been a shoulder,

For me to rest my head.

If you had been a pair of ears, so I could let things be said.
If you had even looked at me, when I called your name.

You know I needed some guidance, but it just never came.

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Together Now, Danny Hauger

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