Ground Swell Instrumental Using Vico Vibe Bee Madness Guitar Pedal Demo

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August 3, 2019  

Bee Madness is one of the coolest indie guitar pedal makers in the world. I was pretty excited to read on their Reverb store page ( about their exclusive boutique designs. As an independent writer of free weekly songs, I want to stand out and “bee” different, and this is the perfect partner for this video. If you have been in the market for a guitar pedal, take a look at their exclusive offerings. This Vico Vibe vibrato guitar pedal responds instantly to turning the control knobs, is sturdy, and vastly changes the level of the guitar alteration for a defining and distinctive sound. It is the best vibrato effect I have ever used in my studio, or digitally.

I am not being paid for this review, but was sent this unit for review purposes.

Moshe and his wife, a family owned and designing T-shirt business, have designed some awesome nostalgia and current pop culture clothing that will be the center of your rotation. I was reflecting on the “Gamer Dads are the Coolest Dads” shirt, and thinking about how growing up with video games has defined a generation. I would say in a good way, a playful, challenging, engaging hobby that led to many enjoyable hours and a fun childhood. Now I look to how many fun shirts that CoolCatDesigns has made on Etsy, and it makes me smile that this store encapsulates the fun of now being an adult with these memories. Look at all of their designs on their Etsy page: 

I am not being paid for this review, but was sent this shirt for review purposes.


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