Goose Migration free song bonus track to Together Now Album

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February 10, 2016  

Yes I named this song "Goose Migration". Just listen to the guitar solo, and try not to picture honking Canadian geese. See what I mean! There is a flighty, altitude drive guitar playing the notes to the chords, and then honking in are some heavier notes that cheer on your imaginary flying birds in this instrumental from Danny Hauger studios. This is a free song  download. Its a silly title admittedly, but I like the song and I didn't want to archive it without airing it on the podcast. So it takes flight! Enjoy now! Memories of birds class are fluttering through my mind as I type. I logged back in an hour later to change it geese, then left it, was that right? I guess I winged it. Together Now is on iTunes, help support my independent music!

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