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Glen Phillips Interview with Danny Hauger

December 29, 2010

This is one of my all time favorite interviews with Toad the Wet Sprocket guitarist Glen Phillips

Happy Birthday Glen!

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Songs to Wake up To by Danny Hauger

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Danny Hauger Music Songs to Wake Up To


About The Album "Songs (To Wake Up To) started out with a track "Jackson Valley", which was my first drop-G tune scheme that worked out to something more complicated than anything else I had written at the time. For me it carried an ambiance and character that I hadn't been able to capture before and it sparked the concepts for the rest of the album. To me, this album is a collection of feelings and relaxation that I really enjoy sharing. Completely instrumental,

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"Songs to Wake Up To"
An Instrumental Guitar CD for rest, reflection, and relaxation
Produced from 2006-2010 and newly remastered.
Album by Danny Hauger Music.

Songs to Wake Up To Cover

Songs to Wake Up To

by Danny Hauger

Release Date:
Danny Hauger
Singer/Songwriter (primary), Alternative (secondary)
Liner Notes:
Created, Written, Recorded, and Produced by Danny Hauger Music, more information at
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Track Listing
  • 1 Simplify Danny Hauger (Song ID: TCAAT1070940)

    01 Simplify==_.wav

  • 2 Jackson Valley Danny Hauger (Song ID: TCAAT1070941)

    02 Danny Hauger - Jack...

  • 3 Wagon Wheel Recovery Danny Hauger (Song ID: TCAAT1070944)

    03 The wooden wheel re...

  • 4 Sun Fields In G Danny Hauger (Song ID: TCAAT1070945)

    04 Sun Fields in G lig...

  • 5 Dry Creek Danny Hauger (Song ID: TCAAT1070946)

    05 Dry Creek.wav

  • 6 Cabin Mornings Danny Hauger (Song ID: TCAAT1070948)

    06 Cabin mornings.wav

  • 7 Count Down Danny Hauger (Song ID: TCAAT1070954)

    07 DHX - count down in...

  • 8 Without You Danny Hauger (Song ID: TCAAT1070956)

    08 DHX - Without You I...

  • 9 Humble Country Danny Hauger (Song ID: TCAAT1070957)

    09 GRant and Danny - H...

  • 10 Still Sleeping Danny Hauger (Song ID: TCAAT1070958)

    10 Still Sleeping.wav

  • 11 Return Danny Hauger (Song ID: TCAAT1070959)

    11 Return by Danny Hau...

  • 12 Two Leaves and a Star Danny Hauger (Song ID: TCAAT1070961)

    12 two leaves and a s...

  • 13 Cascade Danny Hauger (Song ID: TCAAT1070962)

    13 cascade.wav

  • 14 Cozy Corner Danny Hauger (Song ID: TCAAT1070964)

    14 Cozy Corner.wav

  • 15 The Question Danny Hauger (Song ID: TCAAT1070965)

    15 The Question.wav

  • 16 Again Danny Hauger (Song ID: TCAAT1070967)

    16 Again.wav

  • 17 I Want You Danny Hauger (Song ID: TCAAT1070968)

    17 I Want You Demo.wav

  • 18 Losing Sleep Danny Hauger (Song ID: TCAAT1070969)

    18 Losing Sleep.wav

  • 19 Time For All To Move Along Danny Hauger (Song ID: TCAAT1070971)

    19 Time For All to Mov...

Next Live Gig: Friday January 7th at Borders in Tustin, CA at the District (6-8 PM)

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