Gin Blossoms to Release No Chocolate Cake Album

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July 20, 2010  

Few bands that enjoyed success during the post-grunge alternative clustered 1990's decade have been able to continue creating great music and touring as successfully as the melodic and transcendent Gin Blossoms of Tempe, Arizona.  Their previous release, Major Lodge Victory, while greatly under appreciated by the mass media and radio play list automation, carried a similar energy and originality that could be appreciated from start to finish reminiscent of master works New Miserable Experience and Congratulations I'm Sorry.  Now returning with No Chocolate Cake, the Gin Blossoms continue to offer fans and critics more of their excellent harmonies, wide vocal range, and tracing guitar lines to accent the upbeat rhythm and California - Arizona sound brand that represents a continuity of musical excellence that has remained true to its core since their earliest offerings that redefined the alternative rock genres.

No Chocolate Cake is the 5th studio album for the group No Chocolate Cake

Track listing:

  1. "Don't Change for Me"
  2. "I Don't Want to Lose You Now"
  3. "Miss Disarray"
  4. "Wave Bye Bye"
  5. "I'm Ready"
  6. "Somewhere Tonight"
  7. "Go Crybaby"
  8. "If You'll Be Mine"
  9. "Dead or Alive on the 405"
  10. "Something Real"
  11. "Goin' to California"

The Gin Blossoms recently announced the release of their new studio album, "No Chocolate Cake," in stores September 28, 2010

Click below to enjoy my interview in 2009 with outstanding guitarist Scotty Johnson.

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Concert Update Southern California: Don't miss the Gin Blossoms on Friday, August 6th, at The Canyon Club in Agoura Hills!

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