Getting Over Demo, Documenting My Songwriting Drafts

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March 14, 2011  

This podcast is a documentary process of the songwriting progress as I have given before outlining the greatness and challenges of songwriting as employed by a demo through each draft to completion. This is draft two of the Danny Hauger original song, “Getting Over”. As you can tell the vocals are very rough and this is one of the areas that I personally have issues with as a do it yourself song writer.

The instrumentation has come along greatly since the last incarnation and this is getting to be among the most tracks I have used for what is typically minimalistic songwriting that is usually just two guitars bass and vocals. I plan on trying to amend the vocal gaps and sharpen the lyrics in the next phase towards completing this song. Stay tuned and feel free to submit feedback via my website below. Happy songwriting to all the indies out there!

I give away a lot of free downloads, and I'm trying to get somewhere with my music, I have 45+ songs and copyrights, and am looking for a label and album support.

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