Gary Young Concert 1/13/11 Live @ McClain’s

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January 14, 2011  

Gary Young Concert 1/13/11 Live @ McClain's in Fullerton featuring Danny Hauger

Songs to Wake up To by Danny Hauger

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Danny Hauger Music Songs to Wake Up To

About The Album "Songs (To Wake Up To) started out with a track "Jackson Valley", which was my first drop-G tune scheme that worked out to something more complicated than anything else I had written at the time.  For me it carried an ambiance and character that I hadn't been able to capture before and it sparked the concepts for the rest of the album.  To me, this album is a collection of feelings and relaxation that I really enjoy sharing.  Completely instrumental,

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"Songs to Wake Up To"
An Instrumental Guitar CD for rest, reflection, and relaxation
Produced from 2006-2010 and newly remastered.
Album by Danny Hauger Music.
Songs to Wake Up To Cover

Songs to Wake Up To

by Danny Hauger

Release Date:
Danny Hauger
Singer/Songwriter (primary), Alternative (secondary)

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