Frustrated cowritten by Nesta Taylor and Sarah Free Song 16 of 2019

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April 27, 2019  

“Frustrated”  By: Nesta, Sarah, Taylor, Mr. H Music by: Mr. H


Frustrated [Bb - Dm]

stuck in thoughts in my head


once again


I’m trying to make the most of this life (Gm - Bb - F)

Turbines are tearing through my conscious mind. (Gm - Eb - F)

Turn me back into something (F - Eb)

Make me feel more than nothing.

Buy me a piece of who I was before. ( G - F - Eb)


i’m frozen,

Your touch has been just so cold.

A fractured team,

Now on your own.


You’re leaving me without a clue

unable to finish what we wanted to.


You left to open ocean,

I’m stranded with the notion.

I’m an island I can’t explore.



Where have you gone?

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