Facing the Light Second Mix

Back to some acoustic alternative rock influence for today's President's Day studio session. I stripped down and unplugged all the electronics for a straight direct input guitar interface and an idea for a chord progression. It had been bouncing my studio recording mind for days, but other projects, including an audio book recording of "In a Shark's Mouth" on my YouTube channel, and other voice projects. So this morning I re-opened the first mix, that I held back from publishing, and recorded some simple tambourine for texture and feel, then I recorded two more vocal lines, and here it is, "Facing the Ligh". I hope you will enjoy and share it, to gain more fans for my free music podcast here! Enjoy the day off everyone!

“Facing the Light” Words and Music by Danny Hauger

At night I lie awake and I wonder,

Why I just can’t choose. (I just can’t choose)

I spend most of my time wanting,

To be with you (To bt with you)

I waste most of my time,

I think that I’m fine, but then later on,

I wished that I walked a line,

To walk on another path, and face the light.

(Facing the light)

I try to look into my future, but I see no doors.

The hinges where there once were handles, are covered with boards.

I waste most of my time,

I think that I will revise, but I hand it in.

I wonder if there’s a time, when I’ll turn my head, and face the light.

(Facing the light)

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