Everything I Wanted Unplugged

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July 24, 2017  

today I got in the studio and record it and unplugged version that quite frankly probably had more effort and takes put into it in the original recording several years back. I've always really enjoyed listening back at this song and I'm trying to think back and I think that it was recorded in one set of takes in one afternoon. This evening to set aside a couple of hours and performed it again on a Seagull acoustic guitar and it came out I thought pretty great. Watch the video performance!

 It's been really great to have a separate time to record music. I have enjoyed writing new songs and I'm working on a couple right now in studio. At the same time at flip going back and re-export how I wrote and recorded older songs and getting better versions of them with new equipment that I think sounds sharp. Thanks to all the all the new list nearest and thanks for everyone for supporting this free music podcast. 

Danny Hauger - “Everything I Wanted”

I’m ready tonight, To find What’s yours and mine

Time, will not allow, a sign to show us the light.


To find, What I feel tonight. What I think  is guiding

What I know is right, Why it must be so.

Everything I’m knowing. Its what I want.


I know, I’ve been hiding In the sun – that shines down on you

In plain sight, I walk amongst the lonely.

But I’ve got, something for everyone.


To shine, to bring my light to surface

Hiding from the light, Saying only soft things

Beholding to no shadow, writing off the night.

Gliding into new heights. Bringing out the good time

Letting go of bad times, Its what I want.


I’ll find,

Everything I wanted

What I thought I needed

Everyone you wanted

Find a piece of me

Thats perfect now to share out

Only hold the good things

Let go of the bad, let go of all we had. Its what I want.

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