Double Diesels best of the Sports Lodge June 21st 2012
June 21, 2012

Double Diesels best of the Sports Lodge June 21st 2012

If there was a reality show based on the lievs of female truckers, what would it be called? Maybe...

  • Truck Me
  • Filler 'er up
  • Top Me Off
  • Double Diesels (Copyright Danny Hauger 2012)

Today's Sports Lodge Rewind asked that exact question! Plus more fun from today's Sports Lodge including:

  • Proper technique forming paper into quadrants
  • Mark Trumbo's home run count for the Angels (Vote for his All-star season!)
  • Knockout stages begin for EURO Cup 2012! Soccer nations live and die starting today! Roger Lodge does not buy it.
  • Plus, I get my first Sports Lodge Rewind, and it was quite an event. Enjoy!
  • and more...

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