Dont Worry Im With You Now

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March 14, 2016  

This new song is fresh out of the newly amplified home studios! With Samson Resolv 4XA5s, my studio is thumping in higher quality (at least sound reproduction) methods! Today I sat for hours following sitting for hours planning lessons and came out of the afternoon with 1 fresh demo that has 2 names to be determined. Download "Don't Worry" by Danny Hauger (right click and save) It is either going to be called "Don't Worry (I'm with you Now)", or "(Don't Worry) I'm With You Now". Potato, tomato, right? Either way, this song has been a blast to record, what with the multiple layer recording and deletion of main track, but still motivated me enough to see it through to the completed demo stage. Now its ours to share, mine, yours, and the world's, don't forget to send the mp3 to the world for me! This song will most certainly be a part of my 2017 album. 4 songs down so far for it! Its been a very productive couple of months for recording. "Don't Worry" is my first original song to feature my ukulele, so enjoy uke fans!

Lyrics by Danny Hauger

“Don’t Worry” aka “I’m With You Now” by Danny Hauger,Copyright 2016


When the afternoon is rolling on,

I turn my thoughts and think of you.

You’ve been through a lot, you’ve been tired.



And when you think of something,

That will make you smile,

And you laugh to yourself, as you go another mile.


When you’re feeling hopeless,

Like you’re on your own.

Just remember baby,

I’m coming home.


Don’t worry, I’m with you now.

Don’t worry, it won’t be long.


I am standing here, holding out my arms.

Though the plans unclear, we don’t walk alone.

I am standing here, and you must be strong.

You are standing clear, but don’t worry, cause I’m cominghome.


Don’t worry, I’m with you now.

Don’t worry, it won’t be long.


Though there will be hard times, when we are unsure,

Of how to make ends meet, or even how to start.

I am standing here, and I stand resolved,

So on the problems, the troubles, bring on anything life’sgot, I’m ready to solve it.

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Together Now, Danny Hauger

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