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September 11, 2016  

“Diversions” - music and lyrics by Danny Hauger (Am) 9/11/2016
Diversions take you off your course
Aspersions - do they cast their doubt on you?
Subversion - taking you back the other way
Submersion - feeling buried in your own mind.

Incursion - try to reclaim what’s yours
Inversion - when you’re flipped out
Dispersion - when you’re widely spread
A version - of who you used to be.

And I wanted you so badly
.And I wanted for you to know.
And I think of you so kindly.
Does the world look at you the same way?

Its a struggle to maintain focus
Its a battle to keep your plan
Momentum comes back to bite you
When your strategy won’t go hand in hand.

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Together Now, Danny Hauger


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