Devoted to You 12 String Unplugged Version

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January 12, 2018  

"Devoted to You" is an original song written by me, Danny Hauger, originally for the album, "Chasing the Golden Age". I had not heard the song in about a year when I stumbled upon it on Spotify when replying to fan mail from someone who wrote me about it. I realized that my new 12-string guitar impulse would provide a really nice lift to the rhythm and tone of the song, and decided today would be a good day to record it. I hope you enjoy listening to it and share it with a friend.


“Devoted to You” Music and Lyrics by Danny Hauger  Copyright 2017

Key of E Major

Instrumental available on YouTube Playlist “Acoustic Duets” on DannyHauger’s Channel


There’s a season for the words I have to say,

There’s a reason why the world’s about to change.


But I could keep it all away from my mind,

If I could just see you walk by.


Only two of us are in this world,

One of them’s intrigued by this girl.

I can hope you’ll see how I am,

Believing there’s a chance to begin.


I’ve been wandering and waiting for you,

Humbly contemplating to you

Why am I still understated to you?

Hopelessly devoted, devoted to you.


Rarely wanted to seek adventure,

Rarely wanted to hear the truth,

If I had ventured outward,

Maybe you would be the proof.


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