Danny Refelecting on 20

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May 11, 2008  

2 Hours left, some thoughts on saying goodbye to 20.

This year I...

-Came to Cal State Fullerton -Got an apartment -Watched all the Rocky movies -Saw the Gin Blossoms live and got backstage -wrote a lot of music -met new friends -Started a new radio show -Hypothesized Britney Spears whole life is scripted and planned out -Sold my xbox -drove 8,000 miles -Played three stage shows -Picked up a minor in Computer Science -Interviewed at Corporate for a fortune 500 -watched the Kings trade Mike Bibby -Went through 3 air mattresses -Learned to cook more than eggs and hash browns -Came up with a few inventions -Wrote my radio icon -discovered Toad the Wet Sprocket, Tom Petty, and others -watched Kobe Bryant grab the MVP award -Won a debate tournament with Matt as my partner -predicted Obama (not that I want any candidate, just saying) -Got a digital converter box -Freelance writing for consumer responses -Started with InRoads -Was promoted to Program Director (if Grant wants it back he's welcome to it, as long as there's a place for me) -Paid for my own tuition -Didn't have to wear a uniform -Sold a guitar -left Stockton again -bought a Mother's day present -watched the TItans in the NCAA tournament -wrote an outline for a screenplay -Got sponsored by podbean.com -Planned a birthday show intro for 21

-Try to make money.

Sweet deal

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