Danny Hauger’s Free Song New Year to End 2015

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December 31, 2015  

We are coming to the close of calendar year 2015 here at Danny Hauger podcasts. December has been a flurry of fun and activities. I closed out my first trimester teaching. I have been recorded lots of new songs over Christmas break. It is been a period of great productivity and inspiration. Last week I had one of my music video shared to the prod community from a very popular Internet blog. They spotlighted my song, "Losing Sleep", which was an honor for me. "Losing Sleep" is one of the top tracks from my current album, "If I Grow Up", for sale now on iTunes, Amazon, with free streaming on Spotify. The spotlight comment says that my voice reminds them of Bob Dylan, made me smile, thanks for the spotlight guys!

In preparing some goals for the 2016 calendar year, I am hopeful that my music will be excepted for distribution on Pandora. That would be a huge step for me is a musician.

I want to thank all the people who have been listening and supporting me on Spotify, Amazon, and iTunes. I want to thank all the people who purchased or streamed songs from my new Christmas album, Danny Hauger Christmas.

As a thank you for all of the wonderful support this year I am hosting another new song demo for the next years album. This song is called new year. It makes sense for me to post it today, even though the song is only about 70% completed. I love documenting the songwriting process and posting free songs for you to download from many different stages of completion. I've been appreciating all of the emails and comments lately. And thank you to all the people who've been following me on Twitter @DHXmusic.

December 30

One day left until we mark the end of an old year
The wishes and the hopes that we had, twelve months ago
Forever hopeful that this uear will bring us a new life
And holding on to all the the things that constrain.

If You'd hold on,
I would bring you a nything I had
If you'd hold on
I'd re-write all of our historues.

Something tells me we should embrace some hope for a new year
Believe that there is good in the world, and be fine.

If you'd hold on
We could make life anything we want
If you'd hold on
I could perpetuate something positive

If we should ever doubt our ground water, and be thirsty
Then let us bottle all of the old, and in with the new.

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