Danny Hauger Sports Lodge Highlights and Sacramento Kings

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February 25, 2011  

Danny Hauger wants the Kings to move to Anaheim from Sacramento, and talks about it with Roger Lodge of The Sports Lodge on AM 830. Highlights from the Friday, February 25th show on AM 830, KLAA .


The plan seemed to work as the Kings' Arco Arena came alive with a buzz that's been missing all season. In the end, however, it may be too little too late as the owner of the Kings, the Maloof family, has asked the NBA to extend the relocation deadline.

"I am a diehard Kings fan. If they leave, I'll be heartbroken," said Lynne MacIntosh, 60, of Yuba City, just north of Sacramento.

Wearing a purple jacket, a Kings T-shirt, a Kings jersey, Kings earings and a temporary black and purple Sacramento Kings tattoo on her right cheek, MacIntosh watched a group of raucous boys chant "Here We Stay, Not LA" outside of the arena before the game. Not so loud herself, MacIntosh nonetheless shared their passion for keeping the Kings in town.

"The Sacramento Kings," she said, touching her cheek. "We want it to stay the Sacramento Kings."

But even amid the chants and cheers, fans expressed a sort of grim acceptance that this could be the end for their team. Many said they were not surprised the Maloofs were looking to Anaheim. Attendance has been noticeably down as the Kings have stumbled to a 14-victory season. The family has wanted a new stadium for years and rumors of a move have come and gone seemingly every season.

The fans, in some ways, understand. But still it hurts, they say."

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