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September 4, 2015  

First new song in a few weeks! It feels good to be back in studio. And a new broadcast this Sunday from the 2015 Scottish Highland Games! Unsurprisingly, this theme, this weekend, and this moment of time inspired a song from my home studio today. I was thinking about the way that opportunities come and go, and some that pass us by give us the opportunity to work, reflect, and create. That's where this new demo, "The Finer Things" developed from. I started writing about 3 hours ago, and have completely finished a draft of this song.

The chorus appeals to me a lot. The idea of being with someone becomes part of your identity.

Sometimes it feels good to get that sense of yourself in prospective, even if it means being alone to redevelop. I picked up my guitar and started a simple chord progression of B to A to G#m. I found the progression to fit the theme of my mood. Then I wanted to lift myself a bit and found the hook at E to B to G#m. There was something bright and optimistic about that contrast that propelled me through the rest of the song. For once, the words came easy.

“The Finer Things” by Danny Hauger Copyright 2015

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Verse 1:

The weekend fell apart before it even started,

Your girl is out of town, and you feel departed

The Scottish Highland Games will be your highlight

And the three days pass in a moment’s twilight


B                          A                            G#m



IF you could be here with me

I would dream happy dreams

I could be the best of me.

I could be the finer things


E                      B                                 G#m                A


Verse 2:


But if all else fails I can make it solo

I can buy some food and I can wear my polos

But if no one sees, does it make a sound wave?

Or is life prefixed to tell you how to behave?


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