Danny Hauger Music Demo Cradle and Blanket
October 22, 2012

Danny Hauger Music Demo Cradle and Blanket

Today's demo - "Cradle and Blanket" a brand new instrumental tune from Danny Hauger, Documenting the creation of a new album creation, due out end of this year, today's songwriting method brought via the miracle installation of ProTools 7.4 on a Windows 7 machine for the first time in my own control, something I thought previously had not been possible. This is the video that ultimately helped me by providing a registry for Windows 7 to allow the program to run properly. Thanks videomaker. I guess this particular recording would not have been done without your help - and it was simple.

This is one of the things I love about recording truly independent music - a small breakthrough creates new opportunities, no cost involved, just new methods with technology.

This is a first cut - no editing demo, one acoustic guitar and one lead recording. This instrumental soft song will be on the next album, and I hope  you enjoy it, feel free to share it! Download in mp3 and tell your friends!

Enjoy the last released demo also (a little rougher), Semiotics, by Danny Hauger Music, for free download in .mp3 Download this song, Semiotics(right click and save)

This new song, "Semiotics" is an acoustic base track with harmonica in G, with a slight shaker mid way through, variable reverb at a moderate level, and panning the instruments left and solo to the right. There is some subtle harmony, and it is in a first stage of development, so it is a bit course... stay tuned. Hope you enjoy!

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