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May 20, 2011  

"I Want You" by Danny Hauger, from the 2010 album, Songs to Wake Up To, Free to download through this podcast episode! One of the softer songs off the album, podcast for your free enjoyment, share with friends!


In between, Real and dreaming, In between what I hope that you've seen in me too.

I give clues, You confuse me. I hope you've seen what I want you to see in me too.

I want you, I want you here. I want you and there's nothing I can ever do.

I see you there, and you're with him. I try not to stare but I am mesmerized by, Your look and you're hair, and you're stare that says

I want you, I want you here. I want you and there's nothing I can ever do.

I hear it’s done, I hear its over, And when you're free I would like to come over And tell you everything that he did wrong.

I want you, I want you here. I want you and there's nothing I can ever do. I want you, I want you.

I recently provided a studio performance for the rapper Orange Juice in his new hit single, "All the Wrong Places."  Enjoy this free song download from Danny Hauger podcasts.  Glad to be working with studio musicians and performing artists like Orange Juice.  I would be glad to help with your recording project as well! I charge a rate based on production needs, time frame, and difficulty of production.  Thanks for visiting the page and come back often.  Follow me on Twitter and come back soon.

Orange Juice feat. DHX - "All the Wrong Places" (2011) - guitar and assisted production by Danny Hauger.  Glad to be a part of this groove, thanks for listening.

Listen to the Orange Juice song - All the Wrong Places


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