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July 19, 2015  

Thank you Gary Young for lending your amazing vocals to this performance of "I Want You". You can also hear this song on YouTube. I talked about the origins of the song in today's podcast as well for background on the origins and how this recording came to be. Not bad for one take and an hour recording! Gary's version is still my favorite of this song. Gary even threw some trumpet lines in to accentuate the tonal center. That was a first.

Download "I Want You" from Danny Hauger feat. Gary Young(right click and save)

This beautiful ballad is a heartfelt tribute to that special someone, not just in my life, but in yours. Its a tender acoustic melody that I brought to life and loved instantly. I hope you enjoy this song and will share it with someone you care about. You can download it free on Danny Hauger Podcasts, and I hope you might help support my music as well. Support me on Amazon!

You can support my music by buying the studio version of "I Want You" on iTunes and Amazon! You can stream the album "If I Grow Up" by Danny Hauger on Spotify for free also!

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Thanks to all the new friends, welcome! and thanks to all the returning fans! "If I Grow Up" is now live on Google Play for $5.99!

If I Grow Up, Danny Hauger

Its available now also on iTunes ($10) and Amazon ($8).

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