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August 23, 2011  

"Simplify" Performed by Danny Hauger and Dan Anthony. Recorded 2011. Free music from Danny Hauger Studios. Please Visit Dan Anthony's Facebook page here. His website, independantdrums.com has a lot of great tunes to listen to as well. Song written by Danny Hauger, drums composed by Dan Anthony.  Dan's a great drummer and an email pro for remote music collab.

Danny Hauger and the album, "Songs to Wake Up To" on iTunes.This song was originally recorded in 2009 and published in 2010 as part of the instrumental and acoustic set of the double length album by the artist. Listen to this song now for free! Sun Fields is one of the more tracks for the album for a relaxing morning or evening and I have found this song to be great background for home chores, reading, or cleaning up. Hard rock? No, but there are some good alternative tunes on the album to check out. Albums

Share this page with your friends, and feel free to email it around.  At this point its best just to know that there have been thousands of free downloads and album sales increasing slowly.  I'd rather have a lot of people listening and enjoying.  Let me know what you think!  Visit my website below and leave me a message.  Stay tuned for details on the next live gig.  Glad to share this free music with you! Some great gigs TBD and posting soon. Check back often and thanks for visiting.

Learn more about my music from this interview, http://factoidz.com/interview-with-musician-danny-hauger-about-the-2007-album-return/

Bonus free download = "Will You Follow" Live At the Gypsy Lounge 9/28/10

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